AlexLoop Assembling Instructions

1) Take the coaxial cable from the carrying bag inner pocket

2) Press the rolled cable forming a circle, open the two Velcro pieces and unroll the loop coaxial cable forming a circle.

3) Engage the midle section on the the tuner section and the small loop over the midle section. There are two recessed marked points on this pieces (it is not necessary to align the marked points ).

4) Engage with moderate pressure the coaxial loop fixing ring above the small loop. Keep the flated tube extreme facing the coaxial cable.

5) Attach the loop coaxial connectors firmly to the tuner unit.

The above pictures shows the best way to operate the AlexLoop antenna with the operator comfortable seated on a camping chair with one hand finger at the tuning knob and the other hand navigating on the radio controls.

Do not use the antenna on a high pole or on a place that you cannot reach the antenna tuning knob, your antenna will work perfectly only one meter above the soil, so keep the tuning knob at your hand level for fast QSY and SWR adjustments.

Do not use radials - The AlexLoop is a counterpoise free antenna.

AlexLoop magnetic Loop antenna on a window operation.

Use the supplied Nylon hope to avoid accidents when using your AlexLoop on windows or balconies operations.